Transfer Market: Has Pandemic affected Football clubs financially?

Transfer Market

Finally, summer Transfer market has officially closed on 5th October 11:00 P.M (BST). While lots of surprise package and deadline day antics its time to take hard look at the economic situation of the clubs.

Football Clubs have faced financial woes due to pandemic

Majority of the football pundits were concerned over the football clubs unable to spend big due to the pandemic. This Covid Pandemic situation has hit the football clubs around the world financially. Due to restriction of the fans in the stadium most of the clubs have hit hard economically. Considering most of the football clubs gets revenue from the matchday tickets and associated platforms. Financial impacts has led to job redundancies for several clubs in Europe. While top clubs have not been able sustain the financial balance during the pandemic time.

Football Clubs spend it big in transfer market

During the start of the transfer market few of them would have though that football clubs would spend it big considering the pandemic situation. Most of the clubs would have resisted to spend considering the loss they have incurred due to lack of fan involvements. But at the end of the transfer window it was all about getting things done. Football clubs all around the Europe spent it big to improve the squad. While it may not seems logical but marquee signing may lead to major revenues for the club.

Aston Villa85
Manchester City76.5
Sheffield Utd53
Man Utd36.4
West Brom26.3
Crystal Palace20
West Ham-9
Total Net spend on Transfer Window 2020 (in millions)

Above table shows the net spending by the premier league clubs in the transfer window of 2020. From the above table one can get clear understanding that majority of the clubs have spend even though clubs are facing financial woes.

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Football clubs finding it hard to sustain in this Pandemic

While the whole world is facing wrath of the corona virus pandemic, Football clubs are no new to this challenge. European football clubs are finding it hard to run the club smoothly. With no Matchday Revenue in sight, clubs are forced to sell the players their players to even out the losses incurred due to pandemic. Small Clubs are finding it hard to run the clubs and the only way to bail them out of this situation is to sell the players. This transfer window can be a boon for the clubs who have financial money to buy the players. League clubs are forced to sell the players at less than their evaluation cost due to this dire situation.

Covid Pandemic – Boon or Bane in Transfer Market for the European clubs?

Covid Pandemic has its impact on all the sectors of the world. But this pandemic can be boon for some small clubs who find it hard to keep their best players. Due to this covid situation European giants are unable to afford the evaluation money for the players of their interest. As a result of this, smaller clubs will be able to keep their best players which can help them from being relegated. While for some top clubs this pandemic situation has been a boon in one way or other. Top clubs who were interested for a certain players will get him for lower amount pertaining to pandemic. Also this pandemic can be bane as they will find it hard to run the club at top level.

To sum up Football clubs around the world will have to find a way to tackle this challenge posted by the pandemic and have to come out on top.


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