All hail Barcelona President Josep Bartomeu, who has played master stroke in compelling Lionel Messi to stay at Barcelona despite being in Agony.

Lionel Messi and Barcelona – match made in heaven

Lionel Messi has been loyal to Barcelona for more than one and half decade. Messi and Barcelona both have made each other better. With Lionel Messi at helm, Barcelona have achieved pinnacle of Success. La Pulga was pivot in Barcelona winning the treble for two times in the last one and half decade.The Argentine play maker was instrumental in winning the 2009 and 2015 champions league with Barcelona.Lionel Messi record for Barcelona stands tall and will remain unmatched. It will be hard for any player to come by and break the record which Messi has achieved with Barcelona.

La Pulga and Barcelona- from best friend to familiar foe

Lionel Messi has been lately in despair with the club and the sports he loved so much since his childhood. One thing seems to be clear with recent light of events that Lionel Messi wants fresh challenges and projects. The Argentine will only get exciting project and new challenges by leaving his childhood club. The club which he adored since his childhood and gave him name and fame to cherish. Leo Messi’s Club and National teammates have completely let him down over the period of years. The Argentine forward on his own winning games for both the club and the National team. Despite his bitter relationship with the club, he will be considered as all time greatest in Catalan’s history. The Argentine seems to miss the feeling of winning and the warmth and love which this game has brought to him.

Barcelona no longer following Cryuff’s Legacy

Barcelona were one of the few clubs following the footsteps of Cryuff’s legacy where playing beautiful football was the only goal. Suddenly with the politics going on within the Barcelona board it seems they have deviated from the path of Great Johan Cryuff. Barcelona were known for making homegrown players from the La Masia academy into superstars. Likes of Leo Messi, Andres Inesta and Xavi Hernandez have come through the ranks of La Masia and made their mark in La Liga.

Barcelona over the period of time started signing players instead of giving opportunity to home grown players. Barcelona singed players based on number of goals scored and assists provided. Catalan club just bought players one after another which did not suit their style of play. Barcelona were under Guardiola were famous for its tiki-taka style of play. But after Guardiola’s departure Barcelona became more of Messi oriented and were heavily reliant on Argentine.

Lionel Messi, Barcelona and La Liga -the greatest show ever

Lionel Messi and Barcelona Board are having face off over the contract termination after the Burofax incident. La Liga have entered in the tug of war between Messi and Barcelona Board. La Liga have made side with Catalan club to ensure that the best in the world stays in league. The Argentine feels that Barcelona under the presidency of Josep Bartomeu is a complete disaster. For now Messi will stay at the club which has given him name, fame and success. But in reality he wants to leave but not by taking legal actions against the club of his love.

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