What next for Philippe Coutinho, Virgil van Dijk & Alexis Sanchez?

I believe Southampton captain Steven Davis 100% when he says the rest of the Saints squad do not have any issues with Virgil van Dijk.

Like Liverpool playmaker Philippe Coutinho and Arsenal forward Alexis Sanchez, the Netherlands defender failed to get the move he wanted this summer.

All three players were denied transfers and must stay – and, presumably, play – at their clubs until January at the earliest.

But although they may well get some grief from fans, they will not have any problems at all from their team-mates as long as their attitude is right from now on.

Each individual case is different, but for all three of the players mentioned above, the question is less about how they fit back in when they return to the dressing room and more about whether they can hit the heights and play to the levels we know they can.

For that to happen, they have to lose any feelings they might have that their clubs have let them down by not letting them leave, because anger will not help them now.

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